As we head into the Thanksgiving season we are obviously focused on being thankful and giving thanks. But the scripture also has much to say about ungratefulness, the absence of thankfulness. In Romans 1 Paul says that the ones who suppress the truth and choose not to acknowledge God are also characterized by “unthankfulness.” Specifically being unthankful or ungrateful to God.

Ungratefulness is a character trait of the world that has rejected God and his truth. This should never be a characteristic of a disciple of Christ! Its easy to be thankful during this season for the meals and fellowship but what about the rest of the year and we are in less than a “holiday” mood? Is our focus on circumstances or on our Father, who is in absolute control of our circumstances?

So lets have a character trait check and get focused on not just our “seasonal” blessings but also a focus on having a “Father” who has given us “all things freely to enjoy,” and lose that ungrateful attitude!

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