Growing Up Branching Out with D Groups

At Sheets this year we are embracing a church-wide emphasis, “Growing Up, Branching Out!” building on last years theme of Growing Up Together we are continuing to “grow” as passionate followers, i.e. disciples of Jesus Christ. Our purpose as a church is not just evangelism but encouraging  everyone to be disciples.

Matthew 28:19 in the original language contains a lot more than simple teach others. The Greek word used there is matheteuo.  This word carries a stronger idea than just give information (teach) it can be translated and is translated in other scriptures “to make disciples.”
This is something the modern church has lost sight of and which we at Sheets want to become more involved in. We want to be “disciples” not just believers. We want to  “Grow up” in the Lord and as we Grow Up we want to help others grow as well!

Last month we started a new emphasis on being and making disciples by starting “D Groups.” If your  not familiar with this idea i would encourage you to visit More on that later!

Let me close with this thought. The word “christian” is used only three times in the New Testament. The word “disciple” appears 269 in the New Testament! Jesus came to make disciples! Let’s follow him!           

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