Does Doctrine Matter

Sheets Memorial has always had an emphasis on “opening the Word” for its people.  Expository preaching has been a recurring theme in the pulpit since Pastor Sampson.  The Biblical model is that of a pastor who shepherds his flock.  Now, we are being told by modern church leaders, that the metaphor of the pastor as “Shepherd” is no longer valid, and that the pastor should be a CEO.  Apparently, the Bible is no longer relevant!

With this new paradigm for church leadership comes the move to a new paradigm for the church, as well. The progressive church is the focus, not on making disciples, but fellowship, or community.  Although important, this is not the primary purpose of the church.

I have attached a link for a great article that will stir your thinking.  It is a “thorough” read.  I challenge you to digest the article if you are interested in what’s happening in the “church” of America today!

see latest article “does doctrine matter anymore”

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