On Sunday, August 10, 1930, in the Holt School on Cotton Grove Road, 34 charter members gathered to organize Sheets Memorial Baptist Church. With the vision of a church in South Lexington, the First Baptist Church of Lexington had sent Mr. G.W. Miller to the community.

The Church took the name Sheets Memorial in memory of the Reverend Henry Sheets, a well-known and respected Baptist minister who served the area before his death on October of 1917.

On September 1930, the foundation was laid for the original white frame building with its first Sunday services held February in 1931. It served as church facilities until leveled in 1948 to make way for the building still used today. The beautiful church building presently in use was constructed in 1948, with its opening service on January 16, 1949. Four years later in 1953 a second addition was constructed.

The church officially called the Rev. Walter Wafford on December 21, 1930 to lead the young, growing church until July 1938. The pastors succeeding the first pastor Rev. Wafford were:

Charles S. Young – 1938 until his home going in 1946
Pastor D.W. Digh – 1947 until 1949
Rev. J. Townley Davis – 1949 to  1953
Dr. W.E. Sampson – 1957 until 1971
Rev. Everett Kier – 1972 until 1973
Rev. M.L. Walters, Jr. – 1974 to 1989
Dr. Paul Martin – 1990 to 1991
Rev. Frankie Matthews  – 1993 to 2021 (served as Assistant and Youth pastor from 1985 to 1993)
Dr. Jeremy Benbrooks – 2021 to Present

Growth has ensued and the walls have echoed with the voices of such men of God as Dr. Mordecai Ham, Rev. W. T. Furr, Rev. A. R. “Dick” Brothers, and Rev. Joe Henry Hankins, Dr. B.R. Lakin, Dr. Porter Barrington, Dr. Theodore Epp, Dr. Jacob Gartenhaus, Dr. Sumner Wemp and others who preached with fervor the message of salvation through Christ.

A kindergarten, day care and grade school ministry was started in 1969. The Christian high school through 12th grade was added in 1975. The W.E. Sampson family life center (gymnasium) was completed in 1981. A beautiful 10,500 square foot educational facility was added in 1991, which houses a cafeteria, music room, and modern science laboratory.

A five acre tract of property, including a 6,000 square foot educational building was purchased from the Lexington City School Board in 1994 and opened as a Preschool facility for six week old through four year old children.

A new middle school building was opened for the training of 6th – 8th graders in the fall of 1999.

Through the years, God has saved many precious souls and strengthened many Christians through the ministry of Sheets Memorial Baptist Church. Scores of pastors, missionaries, and other full-time Christian workers have been called of God from out of its midst. The church currently supports more than 41 missionary families on every continent around the world, together with more than 8 missionary ministries. (Peru, Slovakia, England, Thailand, Canada, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, New Guinea, Saipan, France, Bangladesh, Brazil, West Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, the former Soviet Union, Cuba, Costa Rico, Scotland, Japan, New Zealand, United States of America)

At Sheets Memorial you can find a place to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior. It is a place to develop your gifts and calling to prepare for a life of service to and enjoyment of our great God.